For some, retirement is a time to get back in touch with yourself, and express that self -- eccentricities and all. AARP has assembled a list of "quirky" retirement locations: places known for their free-spirited culture, ideal for the retiree looking for an open-minded, laid back vibe where you can be yourself.

Check out the slideshow below for the top five cities that made the list. Let us know if there's a city you'd recommend, and be sure to visit AARP's website for the rest!

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  • 1. Portland, OR

    All the accolades, popularity and an IFC television show dedicated to the city, haven't altered what makes Portland special: The place is quirky to the core. Fueling this extended reign are, foremost, the type of people the city draws -- creative, free-spirited, stridently alternative -- and a well-supported slew of edgy local businesses.

  • 2. Austin, TX

    Long a traditional oasis of liberal edginess, originality remains a badge of pride in Austin, as do progressive political stances, green living, large and convenient parks, and artsy festivals.

  • 3. Boulder, CO

    The offbeat crowd mixes well with the town's many college kids, and they all enjoy abundant sunshine and proximity to a vast mountain playground.  

  • 4. Ulster County, N.Y.

    The county is a funky string of artist-haven villages edged by vast swaths of bear-haven mountains, and strung prettily along the Hudson River. Of special note to retirees: Residents age 59 1/2 and older can take $20,000 a year from qualified pensions free of state income taxes, and all pensions are tax-free for retired military and government workers.

  • 5. Providence, R.I.

    The salt air may not cure all but it gives people who are prone to whimsy -- like retirees! -- an excellent excuse to throw caution to the wind.