05/03/2012 09:21 am ET

'Amazing Spider-Man' Lizard Photos: New Look At Spidey Baddie

While everyone knows what Tom Hardy's Bane looks like in "The Dark Knight Rises" -- he's a centerpiece to the marketing campaign, after all -- glimpses of Rhys Ifans' "Amazing Spider-Man" baddie have been a bit more difficult to pin down. A shot in the trailer here, a quick cut there; just what does Curt Connors, a.k.a. The Lizard, look like as a villainous monster?

Well, Sony has released some new stills of The Lizard to Apple, and he looks ... green, terrifying and like Goomba from the Super Mario Bros. movie. Will audiences -- fresh from seeing the best CGI incarnation yet of the Hulk, and hopped up with anticipation for Hardy's non-computer-generated Bane -- be sold on a CGI-heavy heavy when "Amazing Spider-Man" arrives in theaters? For Sony's sake, fingers crossed.

Check out the two new pics of The Lizard, as well as some more "Spider-Man" stills below. Starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Sally Field, Martin Sheen, Denis Leary and Ifans as The Lizard, "The Amazing Spider-Man" is in theaters on July 3.

Stills From 'The Amazing Spider-Man'


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