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Carli Davidson's 'Pets With Disabilities' Project (PHOTOS)

Posted: 05/ 3/2012 12:20 pm Updated: 05/ 3/2012 12:20 pm

Carli Davidson is an animal person, to say the least. An experienced trainer and photographer, the 31 year old devotes her life to caring for furry friends and capturing their beauty on film.

Much of her time is spent “rolling on the ground with whatever animal I’m working with, getting in their skin as much as possible, and encouraging them to open up to the camera.”

Davidson began her “Pets with Disabilities” series two years ago, after witnessing a wheelchair-bound German Shephard playing catch with its owner. The project tells the story of blind and partially paralyzed pets with their owners, and proves that all animals can thrive in a loving environment.

Starting Friday, Davidson will be selling her work online, donating 10% of proceeds to a monthly rotation of animal rescue centers which focus on special needs pets. To learn more about Davidson and her work, visit her website, or subscribe to her on Facebook. Want more photos? Check out Davidson's images of dogs shaking off water by clicking here.

In celebration of National Specially-abled Pets Day on May 3rd, check out this selection of images from the “Pets with Disabilities” project.

All photos and captions courtesy of Carli Davidson.

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  • French Bulldog

    Little man Rue is paralyzed from the waist down due to a spinal disorder. He is a very active and happy dog nonetheless. Little Man lives with his owner and another French bulldog, Sweet Pea.

  • Poodle

    Ramen Noodle lost both of his arms in separate accidents before he was two years old. Only three weeks after losing the second arm he was up and running on his hind legs. He also has a front wheelchair to get around outdoors, but prefers to walk on his own.

  • Pug And Chihuahua

    Diego, the blind Chihuahua and Buddy Nixon. Diego uses Buddy as a seeing eye dog by following the tapping of his nails as he walks around new environments.

  • Corgi

    Duncan has a spinal disorder that many corgis are prone to. Even though he can't use his hind legs he is still extremely active. He throws toys across the room for himself to fetch, and his favorite treat is whipped cream.

  • Black Chihuahua

    Inky is a Chihuahua that was rescued from a hoarder. Despite his early abuse he is incredibly good-natured and loving, and is even used as a therapy dog.

  • Aussie

    Asha was lucky enough to be adopted as a puppy by a family who knew she was blind and deaf. She has an incredible personality, and responds to touch signals.

  • Cat

    This is Muffin. Her owner didn't realize she was blind until one day when she had rearranged the furniture and Muffin started walking into things. She learns her surroundings very quickly and as longs as nothing major changes her blindness barely effects her routine.

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