05/03/2012 01:05 pm ET | Updated Oct 02, 2012

Derek Jeter Talks Cologne Driven Black, Snoop Dogg's Influence And His Surprising Addiction

Derek Jeter’s advertisement for his recently re-released fragrance Driven Black just does not do him justice. Wednesday afternoon, before the Yankees played the Baltimore Orioles, I saw for myself when Jeter came to meet a room full of blushing beauty editors.

Admittedly, I know very little about Jeter, the Yankees and really, sports in general. My grandpa has told me that I am a Mets fan, and that is about as far as it goes. So, I didn’t even know that I should be nervous when meeting the sports legend. However, I was soon charmed. Jeter was not only attractive (those baby blues…), but also surprisingly humble.

When asked how he starts his day, Jeter responded, “I take a shower. I’m pretty simple. I don’t really take care of myself like I should. I’m just in and out, quick.” He even mocked his teammates, “Some guys [put on fragrances] before the game. You would be surprised. I won’t name names but… “ (wait- was that a dig at A-Rod?).

While I don’t quite believe that he is as low maintenance as he lets on (there’s no way someone who is paid $20 million a year isn’t pampered like a prince), I do believe the revelation that came next: “I’m an ironer. I iron everything.” Really? Everything? “I learned from my dad,” Jeter continued, “My dad used to iron everything when I was younger. I’m the same way. It’s really embarrassing.”

Another interesting look into his past was when he revealed his earlier affinity for that so-'90s scent Cool Water. “You know what, when I was younger I used to wear Cool Water [Cologne],” he said, admitting that he was inspired by Snoop Dogg who references the cologne in his song “Lodi Dodi.” Did any of those scents make it into Driven Black? "It's different, but there are some similarities." Take the sicilian blood orange top note, which is a substitute for Cool Water's orange blossom. And both scents have an easy, masculine odor that can only be summed up as "cute guy smell."

Would Jeter ever create a fragrance for cute girls to match? “Would I? When I did this one, the whole thing was a learning process. Like I was literally smelling all the different smells… it’s a long process. I don’t know. If women didn’t like it… I would be a little hesitant to do that. It sounds like a good idea but I don’t know…"

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