05/03/2012 01:46 pm ET

Elitch Gardens 'Coaster Goat' Wayne Boger Explains The Intricacies Of Maintaining Twister II, A Wooden Roller Coaster

Few people can use the phrase "life is a roller coaster" and really mean it. We understand it's a metaphor for ups and downs, but beyond its status as an overused cliche, after we discovered a man by the name of Wayne Boger it lost even that small hint of meaning.

Boger works as a "coaster goat" on Twister II at Elitch Gardens in Denver. The wooden coaster's lineage traces back to the original wood coaster--Mr. Twister--at Elitch Gardens in the Highlands neighborhood before the theme park moved downtown. For added kick, Boger tells 5280 his father held the same job on Mr. Twister back in the day.

As a coaster goat, Boger has devoted his life to maintaining the ten-story structure, clambering from piece to piece as though it were little more than a massive jungle gym.

WATCH Boger explain his job above [via 5280].