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Funny TV and Film Moms

By Posted: 05/10/2012 8:13 am Updated: 05/10/2012 8:14 am


Of all the relationships we have in life, the one we have with our mother may be the most profound and influential. For better or worse, our mother is the first person we depend on and usually the first person to whisper in our ears. And just when we think we're all grown up, she's there to remind us that there's no such thing. Sometimes she helps us, and at other times she may hinder us. And sometimes … she simply makes us crazy.

But regardless of whether she's a helicopter, a tiger or a saint, she's rarely forgettable. So, in honor of Mother's Day, we selected some of our favorite funny moments from television and film depicting unforgettable moms in their infinite variety of stripes and colors.

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  • Shirley MacLaine - "Postcards From The Edge"

  • Amy Poehler - "Mean Girls"

  • Estelle Getty - "Golden Girls"

  • Olympia Dukakis - "Moonstruck"

  • Jessica Walters - "Arrested Development"

  • Elaine Stritch - "30 Rock"

  • Julie Bowen - "Modern Family"

  • Jennifer Saunders - "Absolutely Fabulous"

  • Kathleen Turner - "Serial Mom"

  • Maggie Smith - "Downton Abbey"

  • Doris Roberts - "Everybody Loves Raymond"

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