05/04/2012 10:46 am ET

Hipster Cinna: 6 Hilarious 'Hunger Games' Memes

We all know that Cinna is the most awesome character in The Hunger Games, but now the lovable stylist is also the most popular Capitol resident on the Internet. Hipster Cinna, one of the latest viral sensations based on Suzanne Collins' novel and its film adaptation, combines two of our favorite meme subjects: The Hunger Games and hipsters. The meme generator from DIY LOL reminds us that Cinna "wore eyeshadow before the Capitol did" and set Katniss aflame "before Adele set fire to the rain."

Check out six hilarious Hipster Cinna memes in the slideshow below and head over to DIY LOL to see the rest.

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Hipster Cinna