05/03/2012 02:37 pm ET | Updated May 03, 2012

Kate Upton, Kevin Durant, James Harden Star In New Ad (VIDEO)

Kate Upton has been everywhere lately, not that many people -- or, at least, many men -- are complaining. Despite being censored from certain viral videos, the cover model of the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue seems to be turning up all over the place.

In her latest cameo, Upton appears in a commercial for headphones with Oklahoma City Thunder stars Kevin Durant and James Harden. The 19-year-old model accompanies the pair as they go about their routine (while wearing headphones a bit more often than they otherwise might) for 'Take a Supermodel to Work Day.' In the two-minute advertisement, she repeatedly nags the pair with probing questions like "Did you watch 'Space Jam'?", and "How long are we going to be here?", before getting a taste of her own medicine when the NBA stars crash a photo shoot.

Unlike her racy dance video to Terry Richardson's Cat Daddy, which apparently violated YouTube's explicit content guidelines, this ad is PG enough that it shouldn't generate much controversy.