Marcellus Wiley Gets Emotional Over Junior Seau Death On ESPN (VIDEO)

05/03/2012 07:38 am ET

As dozens of NFL players both past and present began sharing messages of love for the late Junior Seau and support for his family on Wednesday, one of Seau's former teammates spoke about his friend on ESPN's NFL Live.

Marcellus Wiley, who played with Seau in 2001 and 2002 with the Chargers, got very emotional when talking about the incident in 2010 when Seau crashed is SUV off a cliff. At the time, Seau insisted it wasn't a suicide attempt and that he merely fell asleep behind the wheel.

"I remember talking to him about the reports that he had crashed his car in an attempted suicide," he said while choking up. "I remember talking to him because I said, 'Junior, be real with me I'm your boy. I've fallen asleep before I'm not perfect. Tell me you just fell asleep.' Junior told me he did. He didn't show me anything that were cries for help."

Then the tearful Wiley recalled the last time he spoke to Seau.

"I remember the last time we talked.. after we got off the phone. Junior texted me. This is Junior," he said. This is Junior being a giving man. This is Junior being the great player, the great person. He texts me. My last text from him is, 'I love you [nickname].. buddy.' It just doesn't make sense. I just know how great of a heart this guy had beyond the ability."

Video via Sports Grid.

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