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Chris Mooney And The Political Brain (VIDEO)

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Are liberals really just a bunch of pro-abortion bleeding heart tree-hugging socialists? Do conservatives really think with their "guts," clinging to guns, religion, and the fantasy of a rich, white America? And where do these ideas come from?

When Chris Mooney wrote "The Republican War on Science" in 2005, he argued that if you want to understand why conservatives deny global warming and evolution, the answer is simple: follow God and follow the money. Being allied with the religious right and corporate America can explain some conservative political behavior, but apparently it's more complex than this.

In his new book, "The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science--and Reality," Mooney argues that we all have fundamental personality traits independent of our ideologies, and these traits can reliably predict whether someone is liberal or conservative in nature.

I spoke to Mooney about these ideas, including how the brain of a republican differs from that of a democrat, independent, or liberal. Click the link below and/or watch the video above to learn more. You can also take the included quiz to see if your personality type is predictive of being a liberal thinker. And don't forget to sound off by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page. Talk nerdy to me!

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Based on your personality, how liberal are you?

Are your personality traits reflective of your political persuasion? Let's test liberalism with this "big five" personality quiz.

1) I see myself as: *
Extraverted, enthusiastic.
Reserved, quiet.
2) I see myself as: *
Disorganized, careless.
Dependable, self-disciplined.
3) I see myself as: *
Critical, quarrelsome.
Sympathetic, warm.
4) I see myself as: *
Anxious, easily upset.
Calm, emotionally stable.
5) I see myself as: *
Open to new experiences, complex.
A black-and-white, concrete thinker.

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