05/04/2012 05:54 pm ET

Auma Obama, Sister of Barack, Writes Book About Her Life And Her Famous Brother

Barack Obama's sister has written a book about her life and her famous brother, revealing their first meeting (they have different mothers) and how she told him family secrets he hadn't known.

It's been a busy week for Obama-themed books. First, details from David Maraniss's unofficial biography were published by Vanity Fair, revealing details about his ex-girlfriends and his feelings about T.S. Eliot.

And now his half sister Auma Obama, who first met Barack Obama in 1984 (they share the same father), has published an English-language edition of her memoir, "And Then Life Happens" (St Martin's Press).

When the two met, "I felt a kinship with him automatically," Auma Obama told Time magazine recently. "I was very nervous and worried about not connecting immediately and then having to be in his home—because I was going to be staying with him. But when I met him it was so easy. We just started talking as though we’d known each other always, and that was actually something really special."

One of the most surprising claims in her book, according to the Daily Mail, is that President Obama never knew that his father and mother were secretly in contact long after they had split.

The book, which was written and published in German last year as “Das Leben kommt immer dazwischen: Stationen einer Reise”, talks about her life in Africa and Europe, and "the tension between her original and chosen worlds and cultures" according to her American publisher.

The half siblings remain in contact, and she volunteered for a few weeks on his presidential campaign. "We both have tight schedules, but as much time as we have, we visit each other," she told Time magazine.

Publishers Weekly liked the book, calling it an "engrossing memoir, adding "the prose is simple, and Auma's honest, straightforward storytelling makes her an instantly likeable narrator."