05/04/2012 02:11 pm ET

Rays Fan Flips Over Railing For Foul Ball, Spills Beer Everwhere (VIDEO)

Tampa Bay Rays fans have been having a hard time holding on to foul balls.

Late last month one fan, who turned out to be former NBA center Matt Geiger, interfered with a foul ball that first basemen Carlos Pena could have snagged. He was removed from his seat and relocated to a different section. Last year when a foul ball landed in a trash can, two fans lifted up the top and nearly battled for it digging through the garbage.

In the middle of a game against the Seattle Mariners on Thursday, a Rays fan went for a foul ball after it ricocheted off a row behind him. The fan lunged forward after the ball bounced back over his head, flipping over the railing and spilling beer everywhere. He didn't come up with the ball but somehow stuck the landing on the open walkway directly in front of his seat.

The rest of the section then applauded as the fan took a bow.