05/04/2012 02:30 pm ET

WBEZ Cat Videos: Kanye West, Bill O'Reilly, Terry Gross Featured In New Fundraising Spots (VIDEO)

Continuing where they left off with a feline-filled "Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me" spot released last month, Chicago public radio station WBEZ has kept the cat videos coming with the release of several new, equally adorable spots kicking off their latest pledge drive.

The latest videos include one (embedded above) featuring a long pink wig-wearing cat -- as radio host Terry Gross -- interviewing musician Gene Simmons in a fiery "Fresh Air" interview that originally aired in 2007.

Simmons tells Gross she is "being very defensive" during the interview, and the domestic shorthair portraying the Kiss member takes on an appropriately snarly expression to match the voiceover.

"That's a really obnoxious thing to say," replies the Gross-voiced cat as her wig nearly topples off her head.

In another video, rapper Kanye West, portrayed by a grey cat, is interviewed on "World Cafe." The kittified West rubs his head against the microphone repeatedly while he discusses his music.

And in yet another spot, Steve Inskeep interviews Fox News host Bill O'Reilly while the cat portraying him grooms itself on its side.