Sir Ben Kingsley Talks 'Iron Man 3'

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Marvel is notoriously secretive about its casting process.

"I love that there's a 'Star Trek' movie in production right now and I have no idea who the new characters are or who the villains are," Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige told me a few weeks ago -- this before Sir Ben Kingsley had been officially confirmed for "Iron Man 3."

So, it's not too surprising that Sir Ben Kingsley himself -- who is in New York to promote the new comedy, "The Dictator" -- was all but mum on the subject of the third "Iron Man" film. However, when I spoke to Kingsley earlier on Monday, he did briefly (very briefly) share some insight into where the process currently stands.

"The Avengers" made a lot of money this weekend.
My hosts here have told me. I've not had a chance to actually look at the box office, but it's doing very well.

And you're now going to be a part of the Marvel universe.
I am in "Iron Man 3." It's official. Wait, isn't it? Yes, it's in the trades.

OK, so you know who you're playing, but we don't. Do I have that right?
That's not for public knowledge ... yet. But, I am filming "Ender's Game" now. And then, after New Orleans, I'll go and meet them and we'll see some drawings, we'll have some camera tests and things. And it will all start to fall into place.

Look for the full interview with Sir Ben Kingsley to publish here earlier next week. "Iron Man 3" is due in theaters on May 3, 2013.

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