05/07/2012 04:05 pm ET

Nick Engmann, University Of Texas Student, Hit By Bus, Walks Away With Minor Injuries (VIDEO)

A University of Texas student had memorable end to his freshmen year after being hit by a bus during a finals week rally.

Nick Engmann was celebrating the end of the semester with other UT students on May 4 when he stepped into the roadway and was struck by a bus that had run a red light, WFAA reports. The 18-year-old was released from the hospital later that day and is expected to be fine.

Warning: some viewers might find the video footage disturbing.

Video of the incident shows Engmann hit the front of the bus and launch forward onto the street where several students rushed his aid. Fueled by adrenaline, the 18-year-old walked away from the scene and plopped onto a nearby patch of grass.

The clip was later posted to YouTube, where it received nearly 25,000 views as of May 7.

Those who witnessed the aftermath couldn't believe Engmann sustained only minor injuries.

"I saw the windshield. It is unbelievable that he is okay and out of the hospital, and that he actually walked away from this," Brad North, who was driving on the road, told KVUE.

According to the Daily Texan, the foam sword tradition involves students running back and forth across sides of the street. The event enforces three rules:

Only cross the crosswalk at designated times when cars have stopped, do not bring your own foam swords since they will be provided and return the swords after the event.

Police indicated Engmann had the right of way when he was struck by the vehicle, KVUE reports. The bus driver received a ticket and is currently on administrative leave, pending an investigation.


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