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Ikea Porta-Potty Turns Out To Be Luxurious Bathroom (VIDEO)

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Entering a porta-potty is usually an invitation to hold your nose and pray for the best. But what if the anticipated yuckiness became a gateway to something beautiful?

That's what happened to visitors at last month's Milan Furniture Fair. Patrons thought they were walking into a garden-variety chemical toilet. Instead they discovered a 215-square-foot Ikea bathroom tricked out with all manner of Ikea-na.

And it smelled nice!

AdWeek praised the stunt (set up by an agency called 1861 United) for illustrating how Ikea can make the most of small spaces. called it a "fantastic ambient marketing idea."

Check out the hidden-camera video of the attendees who figured they were answering nature's call in hell and found grace instead.

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