#TheHungerGamesTaughtMe: Twitterverse Shares Life Lessons From 'The Hunger Games'

05/08/2012 05:47 pm ET

There is no doubt that the generation-defining super-series "The Hunger Games" has a loud, rabid and incredibly loyal fanbase on the interwebs -- from Tumblr, to Facebook, to Pinterest, to Twitter (and beyond).

This afternoon, Twitter fans of the books and movie propelled the hashtag #HungerGamesTaughtMe into a worldwide trending topic, sharing the life lessons they took away from the series. Though many were humorous takeaways ("#TheHungerGamesTaughtMe if someone throws bread at you it means they like you!"), the majority provided an earnest and poignant glimpse into what the story has meant to its young fans -- and the inspirational lessons they are taking away from its characters.

What did "The Hunger Games" teach you? Tweet us your "HG" life lessons @huffpostteen or sound off in the comments below.

(And if you want some more inspiration today, take a look at this roundup of our favorite quotes from the books.)

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