05/09/2012 08:35 am ET | Updated May 09, 2012

Kobayashi Coffee Stunt: Competitive Eating Legend Downs 42 Cups Of Joe (VIDEO)

Those that follow the competitive eating circuit know that Takeru Kobayashi is a serious contender when it comes to eating large amounts of food in short periods of time. (This is despite his various kerfuffles with the Major League Eating organization).

His newest stunt, in partnership with Eight O'Clock Coffee and comedian Jim Breuer, is right up there with some of his other epic food accomplishments such as eating 337 wings or eating a ton of hot dogs in 10 minutes. In the clip below, he drinks FORTY TWO cups of coffee in just a couple of minutes. The clip feels a little orchestrated, and is clearly meant as PR for Eight O'Clock Coffee, but Kobayashi still manages to pull off yet another crazy feat.

Kobayashi shows no signs of being full, or being overly caffeinated for that matter. We just can't help but wonder what happened after they turned the camera off...



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