05/10/2012 02:08 pm ET

Indiana Teen Totals Mom's Corvette While Out On Joy Ride (VIDEO)

Just like when Ferris Bueller destroyed his best friend's father's "choice" Ferrari, or in Risky Business when Joel (a young Tom Cruise) sends his father's Porsche crashing into Lake Michigan, things got a little out of control on an Indiana teen's recent joy ride. Less than a week shy of Mother's Day, a 16-year-old pulled a Ferris and totalled his mom's Corvette while chasing his friend down the highway in the middle of the night. "Oops" is right.

The teen took the car out for a whirl -- without his mother's permission -- around midnight. While following his friend in another vehicle on 200 North highway in Huntington County, he swerved to avoid oncoming traffic and lost control of the vehicle. The teen was sent to the hospital with minor injuries, at which point his mother was alerted. At the time, he had neither a driver's license nor a learner's permit.

Although the teen got out alright, the car wasn't as fortunate. His mother's Corvette was destroyed when it was slammed into a utility pole.

"[It was] her pride and joy," Town Marshal Van Juillerat told local news service wayne.com. "When I spoke with the mother, she calmed down a little bit. And they understand they're fortunate that they still have a son to deal with."

In another case of a joy ride gone awry, a Kansas 13-year-old's outing last Thursday ended abruptly when he crashed his aunt's car into a tree in a local Walmart parking lot.

And in a less destructive teen driving mishap, a 2010 video recorded by the amused father of a 17-year-old who repeatedly (and unsuccessfully) attempted to back out of their family garage has recently made the rounds again on the Internet.

But on the bright side, as her father wrote in the YouTube video's description, "“At least she didn’t hit the garage like her 15-year-old sister did a while back."

And at least it wasn't a Corvette convertible.