05/10/2012 03:37 pm ET | Updated Dec 03, 2012

Jessica Biel Owns The $35,000 Row Backpack, Apparently (PHOTOS)

A girl who's engaged to an A-lister like Justin Timberlake has to have a five-star purse to match, right?

Jessica Biel must know this, and she used her brand new Twitter account to show off her latest super-posh accessory -- besides Justin, we mean.

Biel, who joined Twitter on May 7, has been up to the usual genres of tweets: complaints, Instagrams of skylines and, hilariously, jokes about boobs. (She's just like us!)

But on Wednesday, Biel tweeted a photo of herself in New York sporting a familiar-looking backpack. Wait. Is that THE The Row backpack? The same Row backpack that sold out this fall? The same Row backpack that cost $34,000-$39,000??

"Thanks Ashley!" Jess crows in her whosay post, which we'll assume is a reference to Ashley Olsen, one-half of the owners of The Row. (Guess who the other half is.)

Do you think Jess plunked down the cash for her bag? We're suspecting it was more of a party favor from Ashley Olsen herself.

Ashley, if you're reading, we also are ready and available to accept purse-related gifts.

UPDATE: According to The Gloss, Biel's backpack may be the $4,000 leather version, not the five-figured crocodile one. So... still very expensive.

Check out Jessica Biel's style evolution!


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