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Mother's Day 2012: Funniest Moms In TV And Movies (PHOTOS)

The Huffington Post  |  Posted: 05/11/2012 1:06 pm Updated: 05/11/2012 1:06 pm

Mothers have long been a staple in tv and movies, and for good reason: the dynamic between a mom and the rest of her family is perfect fodder for comedy.

So to commemorate Mother's Day this year, we're taking a look back at the funniest mom characters in television and movies. With the likes of Marge Simpson, Gloria Pritchett, Lois Griffin and Estelle Costanza, it's tough to go wrong with any of these mothers. Don't forget to vote for your favorite character!

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  • Marge Simpson

    Dealing with Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie is no easy task.

  • Gloria Pritchett

    The Colombian mom from "Modern Family" keeps Jay and Manny in check.

  • Claire Huxtable

    The definitive TV-mom of the '80s.

  • Peggy Hll

    No messing with this tough Texas mom from "King Of The Hill."

  • Nancy Huff

    It's not easy raising a pair of middle-aged men, especially when they're step brothers.

  • Lois Wilkerson

    There's no question who's the boss in the household on "Malcolm In The Middle."

  • Lois Griffin

    The woman who raised Stewie Griffin. Enough said.

  • Lucille Bluth

    The mom from "Arrested Development" likes to live large.

  • Kitty Foreman

    The signature laugh from "That 70's Show."

  • Lorraine McFly

    Funny no matter which time line.

  • Roseanne

    The sassiest mom in Illinois.

  • Sheila Brovloski

    Eric Cartman isn't a big fan, though.

  • Barbara Reynolds

    The mother of Dennis and Dee Reynolds from "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia," kindness and caring are not her strong suits.

  • Maria Portokalos

    The classic Greek mom from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."

  • Nancy Botwin

    The mother of two from "Weeds" resorts to whatever it takes to care for her family.

  • Wilma Flinstone


  • Vivian Banks

    So what if she was recast in the middle of "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air."

  • Malory Archer

    Maybe not the most loving mom out there, but hey, she still sort of raised Archer.

  • Bren MacGruff

    Having to deal with Juno's sass all day.

  • Estelle Constanza

    George Costanza is a lucky boy.

  • Jordan Sullivan

    Hard to imagine that somebody can keep Dr. Cox tame while also raising little Jack, but Jordan from "Scrubs" pulls it off.

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