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Mother's Day 2012: Men's Messages To Their Moms

Posted: 05/11/2012 5:29 pm Updated: 05/11/2012 6:23 pm

Since May 1 we've published essays from women about their moms and the complicated relationships they have with the women who raised, wounded, inspired, infuriated and loved them. However, we're aware that adult men also have strong ties to their moms, and with Mother's Day fast approaching, we want to acknowledge those bonds, too.

Tres Sugar drew attention to the closeness between sons and their moms yesterday with a slideshow of quotes from male celebrities about their moms, but it occurred to us that men outside of Hollywood probably have some pretty quotable things to say to their mothers, too.

Guys, if you have a Mother's day message for your mom, please send a photo of her or, even better, the two of you, as well as a short message to We'll include your tribute in the slideshow below, kicked off by a few good men from The Huffington Post.

It could mean the world to your mother, and, incidentally, it's pretty much guaranteed to make any woman reading swoon.

SLIDESHOW: Men's Mother's Day Messages To Mom

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  • Chris Spurlock, HuffPost Infographic Design Editor

    Mom, No matter what curveballs life throws my way, you always take them in stride and support me unwaveringly. Your advice is never off the mark, and your wisdom astounds me. The way you love me makes me want to love everyone in my life just as fiercely, and I am so blessed to receive that love unconditionally. I do my best every day to make you proud, and I hope I'm able to be the person you know I can be. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for me and for our family. I wish I could be there to tell you this in person. Happy Mother's Day! Love, Chris

  • Nate Hindman, HuffPost Small Business Editor

    "Cody. Buckminster. Monmouth Court. Mama Dukes. High heels. Your Bat Mitzvah. Tech Review. MFA. Half-Shell Concerts. DaLaBenNaSa. Golden Buddha. Where The Sidewalk Ends. Adventure Girl. Jetty. Shabbat Shalom, Hey! Rollerblading. Painting Shells. All of these are pieces of sea glass. Love you, Mama!" -- Ben (left), Sarah (right) and Nate (far right)

  • Dan Treadway, Associate Blog Editor

    My mother had the grand misfortune of giving birth to a loud, wisecracking, attention-needy son many years ago. And I'll be damned if she didn't manage to turn the little monster into a loud, wisecracking, attention-needy man. Without shame I can say that I am a hopeless momma's boy. But if you knew my mom, you wouldn't blame me. She may not be the "best mom in the world," but objectively speaking she at least cracks the top 10, maybe placing 12th or 13th at worst. So happy Mother's Day to a wonderful human being. Whatever gift I get you won't be able to come close to matching what you've given me ... but check the mail anyway.

  • Ati Terkula

    My mother, she doubles as my children's grannie. Happy mothers' day to the best mother ever!

  • Jack Licata To His Mother, Katrina Licata

    Mom, I know raising me wasn't easy. For a while when I was growing up, you had to be both mother and father. Both disciplinarian and caregiver. The one who said "everything is going to be alright" and the one who told me the truth, no matter how much it was going to hurt. You always pushed me to do more than the minimum, to try harder, even when I didn't have to. You also taught me how to be a good person, to respect others -- when they deserve it -- and to be confident in myself. In addition to all the serious things and life lessons, you passed along smarts, the good looks and the gene where I blink in every photo. I definitely get that from you. Just wanted to know that everything you've done for me -- from birth to now -- is remembered, appreciated and cherished. Love always, Jack

  • James Cervantes

    I love my Mom for the woman she is and the love she gives. We share a special bond that is unshakeable and truly extraordinary. Every man, gay or straight, deserves a mother in their life like my Mom. I send my love from Washington DC to Chicago!

  • Arnab Bose

    From chasing buffaloes at Yellowstone to giving me geography lessons on top of Mt. St. Helens to crawling around inside the Sphinx -- Mom, thanks for being such a rock star. Next stop: Bhutan. Get ready for that three hour hike up to Tiger's Nest (don't worry I'll push you up most of the way).

  • Frank Pomata

    Mom - Throughout my life, YOU have been the "wind beneath my wings" and a wonderful example for me to try to emulate. You are always leading by example and showing me what it means to have family values. Thanks for all you continue to do for me and the rest of our family. Happy Mother's Day today and throughout the rest of the year! Love, Frank

  • Matt Johnston

    Love you, Mom.

  • Timothy Tyler

    To my Mother, Bishop Carolyn Tyler Guidry. You are my friend and my rock. Your love for me has helped me to see life as a divine adventure. I love you!

  • Angel Enmanuel Ortiz Rosario

    My mom loved me since the first minute she saw me ... and the feeling hasn't changed at all. Being somebody's someone is always great, but moms always make you feel better. They are the reason why we are. I love you dearly, Mom.

  • Brandon

    Love you mom. I hope you have an awesome mothers day. Love, Bran

  • Noegraha Reza

    This picture taken when i was graduated at high school in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. I love to make her proud. I was the best graduate at that moment. Really miss this. Love you, Mom. Happy mother's Day! Your Beloved Son

  • Nick St. Laurent

    I'm a 30-year-old single dad. My daughter was born a day away from my mothers birthday. I have to say she was born with compassion, love, intelligence, and a natural understanding of family and loyalty. I'm often told how wonderful I'm doing with her, how hard it must be on my own. It's a pleasure being a Daddy to my daughter, so easy, and natural. I contribute my love and support for my daughter to the unwavering support and love I've received from my mother since the moment I was conceived. I'm at a point in my life where I can look around me and think, "I'm not doing too bad." To explain that sentence could take a lifetime, or I could tell my mother, Michele St. Laurent, and she would know immediately what that claim entails. I knew growing up that I could fall and it was okay, my mom would be there to brush me off and advise me on how to avoid that same tumble in the future. I didn't always believe her back then, actually in my teen years I thought "I" knew everything. Mom, I now know better than to ever doubt your advice. Happy Mother's Day and love you very much. With love, Nick and Gabby


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