05/11/2012 05:15 pm ET

'Sister Wives' Premiere Had Ratings Success Due To Relatable Themes, Wives Claim

TLC's highest-rated and wildly controversial show, "Sister Wives," returns Sunday evening, and Kody Brown and his four wives tell me that the reason the show connects with so many viewers is because they are not that different from you and me.

"I think it's because we are just honest, and people like it and find it refreshing," Christine tells me. "We take this lifestyle that has been a secret for so long, and we are not afraid to talk about it and be more open."

"I think it's because people relate to us," adds Robyn, the newest wife. "I think that people looked at us in the beginning and thought this family is very different and weird, and then they go, 'Wait a minute, I see similarities between them and me.' It's like it makes people feel connected."

Though aspects of their life choices may be different from some viewers', wife Janelle believes that it is the "independent brains" and personalities of the four wives that make them so relatable. Still, family patriarch Kody is surprised at the incredibly positive viewer ratings.

"I think the show might be a big deal because we are talking about our feelings all the time," Kody tells me. "This is a show about how we feel. It's not about the ideas or politics, it's about how we feel."

"Sister Wives" airs Sunday at 9/8 central on TLC.



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