05/11/2012 06:06 pm ET

Tim Tebow Renames Dog 'Bronx'

Perhaps trying to gain the acceptance of the Yankees fans who booed him, new New York Jets backup quarterback/media obsession Tim Tebow has gone ahead and renamed his dog "Bronx."

The pup was formerly known as Bronco, as in Denver Broncos, Tim's old team. So...kinda close, phonetically!

It'd probably be more accurate, though, if the canine were rechristened "Jersey." The Garden State, after all, is where Tebow can trace his proud lineage. Also, the Jets play their home games in East Rutherford. (Chris Christie probably would like this.)

The internets have also been busy figuring out the best name for the dog. Check out the best of the hashtag #RejectedTebowDogNames below (at least Tebow didn't name him "Brooklyn." New Yorkers don't do that.)

[VIA Deadspin]