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Mother's Day 2012: John Roberts Is Your Mom (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post  |  Posted: 05/12/2012 12:03 pm

There are certain mannerisms that all moms have no matter what. We're talking about the famous mom-isms, like telling you to be quiet when she's on the phone, commenting on the funny weather and telling guests not to bring anything.

Well, this collection of videos by the ever-talented John Roberts of "Bob's Burgers," is sort of the gold-standard when it comes to mom parodies. So in honor of Mother's Day, we gathered them all in one place. Watch, enjoy, and remember, no one understands you like mom.

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  • Mother's Day

    I told ya, I don't want anything!

  • My Son Is Gay?

    He's here, he's gay, get used to it.

  • The Phone Call

    Are you kidding me? With the kids in the car. I can't stand it!

  • The Christmas Tree

    We're going to get the tree, c'mon.

  • Make Your Mom Proud

    My son was nominated for an Emmy award.

  • Indian Summer Part One

    Don't splash me!

  • Indian Summer Part Two

    It's hot. Is anyone hot?

  • Indian Summer Part Three

    Josh Groban, I love Josh Groban! We saw him three times already.

  • That Smell

    I told ya not to make anything!

  • Last Year Next Year This Year New Year

    Last year was funny weather. This year was funny weather.

  • Lunch

    Everything's dirty.

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