Slurpee Lite: 7-Eleven Debuts Low-Calorie Slurpee Nationally

05/14/2012 10:32 am ET | Updated May 14, 2012

7-Eleven is debuting nationally a low-calorie version of its signature offering: the Slurpee. USA Today reports that the drink will be made with Splenda instead of sugar. The 7-Eleven website claims that the drink boasts 50% fewer calories but the same taste. In fact, the website advertises that the drink is "Clearly made with magic!" The company hopes to target females in their 20s with the tagline of "All flavor. No sugar."

7-Eleven will be releasing new flavors of the low-calorie Slurpee throughout the year. The first to come out is the Fanta sugar-free mango. Strawberry-banana follows in July and cherry-limeade in August.

In honor of the new drink, 7-Eleven will be offering free slurpees on May 23 from 11am - 7pm.

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