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Black Sabbath Reunion: Band Will Perform Without Drummer Bill Ward

The Huffington Post  |  By Posted: Updated: 05/16/2012 12:30 pm

Black Sabbath Reunion
Drummer Bill Ward (left) will not be joining Black Sabbath for their reunion shows.

Black Sabbath is reuniting, but one member won't be joining the gang on tour. The group's original drummer, Bill Ward, says he won't tagging along for upcoming concerts.

In a statement on his website, Ward cites the lack of "a signable contract" and a pretty rude move on the part of other bandmembers in his decision not to join the reunion:

"Earlier in April 2012, I'd been asked to participate 'minimally' in the Download festival. I believe I'd been offered no more than three songs to play while another drummer presumably played the rest of the show with Black Sabbath. I was not willing to participate in that offer. I was not prepared to watch another drummer play a Sabbath set, while I was to play only three songs."

According to Ward, the band suggested he come play a show for free and see if things worked out well. The drummer wasn't biting, mostly because he didn't want to risk playing one show and being dropped before Download or Lollapalooza, where the band is also slated to perform.

Worst of all, Ward didn't even know the band was performing -- he found out from an internet ad for the show.

Vinny Appice, who also drummed for the band, has said he believes Sabbath's first choice should be Ward, as "fans want to see the real band" -- especially given that they may be the group's last tour.

Ward was a member of Black Sabbath's original lineup, along with Tommy Iommi, Geezer Butler and, of course, Ozzy Osbourne. He remains open to negotiating with the band and further performances.

For more from the drummer, head over to Ward's website.

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