05/16/2012 05:57 pm ET

Jellio: Candy-Inspired Furniture

Craving something sweet? Jellio is a design firm that has a knack for making furniture fashioned after your favorite candies and treats.

The firm, based in Bronxville, N.Y., will host a popup shop this Friday and Saturday in SoHo where prospective customers and curious gawkers can take a close-up look at their ice cream-inspired benches and GummiBear light fixtures.

Officially founded in 2008 by co-owners Mario Marsicano and Chris Lennox, the firm has designed pieces for the likes of Google, Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, the U.S. Army, Nickelodeon and Sony. "We work with a lot of partner companies in and around New York especially for our custom work," Marsicano said. "However, all of our consumer products are made in our Bronxville studio by our eight-person team."

Marsicano, who originally worked in advertising, was inspired by his own hobby. "I had a collection of antique toys from the '70s that had started to accumulate, so in 2003, I started placing them in glass cubes and using them in furniture and people really gravitated to them."

The popup shop will focus on the firm's sweet designs, including an ice cream cone barstool, a cupcake seat and their four foot tall GummiKing art piece. Jellio's Gummi-themed products are by far its best-selling, leading them to design a clothing line: GummiWear.

Sweet Designs From Jellio
Sweet Designs From Jellio