Wristlets Won't Make You Sweat: 9 Of Summer's Lightest Bags For Under $100 (PHOTOS)

05/16/2012 09:33 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Summer style is all about lightness: airy fabrics in delicate colors, all designed to reflect the sun and keep us cool. So what's the point of wearing a heavy leather satchel when the rest of your look is easy-breezy?

We've made it our goal to avoid excessive sweating this summer. Rather than carrying a large tote, how about a wristlet? Small enough for essentials (iPhone, lipstick, cash...), which means you don't have to hand it off when you dance. But the biggest bonus? Wristlets are cheaper than traditional clutches, so you can afford to take a risk. Go for a neon patent leather number, or spend a little more for one in a colorful python print.

What are you waiting for? Here, nine wristlets that won't break the bank.

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