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The Facebook IPO Drinking Game

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You might have heard that Facebook has its IPO on Friday. Now, depending on your preferences, you could earnestly follow this huge story, digging through all of the television, web, and print coverage for nuanced, original perspective; or you could use the day as an excuse to get absolutely blitzed starting the moment you wake up and turn on your TV (assuming you're 21-plus, of course).

If the latter sounds like you, then HuffPost's got you covered: Here are our rules for a Facebook IPO Drinking Game. The first of the Facebook IPO drinking game is, you shouldn't actually follow these rules, of course, or else you will almost certainly be hospitalized (or worse). The second rule is, if you got in on the IPO, you're buying the drinks (hat tip Twitter user @joxman).

And now, the Facebook IPO Drinking Game (to be coupled with our not-to-be-missed Facebook IPO Bingo):

Someone says "hoodie"Take a shot.
Someone says "Harvard dorm room"Take a shot.
Someone says "college dropout"Take a shot.
Someone says "billionaire"Take a shot.
Someone manages to work "hoodie," "Harvard dorm room," "college dropout" and "billionaire" into one complete, coherent sentence.Take four shots, you hoodie-wearing college dropout billionaire in your Harvard dorm room, YOU!
Mention of "tech bubble"Blow bubbles with straw into your drink
Mention of "MySpace"Open up that bottle of Mike's Hard Lemonade that's been in the back of your fridge since 2006.
Mention of how Facebook could end up like MySpace because we are in a tech bubbleChug (especially if you're an investor).
Bloomberg asks Justin Bieber if he's in on "Facebook Fever"Cry.
B-roll shots from Zuck's Facebook profile, which will inevitably feature him and his girlfriendTake a shot and proceed to Facebook-stalk your exes (while ruefully listening to "Baby You're A Rich Man")
Mention of Jesse EisenbergScowl, hunch shoulders while sipping
Mention of Eduardo SaverinFix yourself a Singapore Sling
Mention of Winklevoss twinsSteal your friend's drink, claim you invented the cocktail
Pundit: "This is the IPO of the year!"One drink.
Pundit: "This is the IPO of the decade!"Two drinks.
Pundit: "This is the IPO of the millennium!"Three drinks, in the future, where this pundit is clearly living
Cancer Genetics, Friday's other company going public, gets any attention at allPour out a 40
"Will investors 'like' Facebook?"Drink.
"Will investors 'friend' Facebook?"Two drinks.
"Will investors get drunk and send Facebook twenty messages asking why it's not returning their calls, and also, who is that *guy* in all of their new pictures?"Seriously, who is that guy? (Cry).
"The 0 Billion Dollar Question"Take 100 billion drinks.
"The Billion Dollar Man"Take 25 billion drinks.
Realize that Mark Zuckerberg, at 28, is worth 25 billion dollars and is running a 100 billion dollars companyChug, then cry, then chug again

And while we're at it, here are some Facebook IPO news stories from your favorite publications and writers to look out for on Friday:

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NY Times: "In Facebook IPO, Both Optimism and Pessimism"
Huffington Post: "27 Sideboobs From the Facebook IPO [PHOTOS] [SLIDESHOW] [HORROR]"
Digitimes: "Supply Chain Checks Show Bigger, Faster Facebook IPO Coming In Q4"
Gawker: "Who Gives A Sh*t About Facebook's Bullsh*t F*cking IPO?"
Fox Nation: "Facebook Files For IPO In Attempt To Boost Barack Hussein Obama's Fading Appeal Among Food Stamp Drug Addict Felons"
Mike Daisey: "I'm Live Inside Facebook's Headquarters Standing Next To Mark Zuckerburg"
Michael Arrington: "Facebook Is A Great, Strong Company You Should Definitely Invest In (Disclosure: I Am An Investor In Facebook)"
Thomas Friedman: "The Woman Who Gave Me A Hot Stone Massage Here In Monaco Has Some Good Advice For Mark Zuckerburg"
Newsweek: "America's First Gay IPO?"

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