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John Tortorella Press Conference: Rangers Coach's Media Problems Getting Out Of Control (VIDEO)

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By Matt Yoder, Awful Announcing

For a while, John Tortorella's press conferences were cute.  He would come out and offer only a few words, or go off about somebody's cell phone, or generally act like a colossal jerk.  It was a novelty act, it was something different, it was rather amusing.  Torts even got the DJ Steve Porter remix treatment!  However, in these playoffs, with day after day after day of Tortorella's antics in these press conferences, he now looks like nothing more than a ginormous d-bag.  In total, last night's presser after the Rangers 3-2 Game 2 loss to the Devils lasted about a minute while Torts wanted to keep everything in the room...

The biting reaction to Torts taking his ball and going home is increasing around the country.  Here's some of the best tweets on the latest Tortorella masterpiece...

@sportswatch John Tortorella's playoff non-interviews were amusing shtick for a while. Now they have become annoying and unprofessional.

@theroyalhalf I feel bad for John Tortorella's wife when she asks him what he feels like for dinner.

@Proteautype Someday we'll discover John Tortorella had his childhood sled Rosebud burned to ash by a reporter, and this will all make a lot more sense.

@Buccigross My problem with John Tortorella's "act" is that it's an act. Insensitive? Yes. Unprofessional? God, yes. The line for passive, media..

@Joey_Giordano "No." - John Tortorella

@peterhassett We aren't gonna be laughing when John Tortorella blows up a schoolbus or something.

Is the New York media really going to take this lying down? One of these days, a reporter has to step up to the plate and address a question to him as "Coach Tortellini." Let's fight fire with fire here, New York media. Whenever someone finally stands up to this bully, I'm willing to wager that he'll wind up sobbing uncontrollably about getting a swirlie in 8th grade.

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