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10 Design Tweeters To Know Right Now

Posted: Updated: 05/18/2012 1:29 pm


This week was Design Week in New York, and in honor of all the creativity stirring around us, we're taking a look at yours, and our, favorite design devotees on Twitter. Here, we've gathered 10 tweeters cut from different cloths, from interior to graphic to typographic. Some offer news, others commentary and others yet amazing feats of design all around us.

Design, as we all know, is a broad designator, so we've eliminated architecture for the most part (stay tuned for a separate list devoted to it). Our list is by no means comprehensive and is meant to serve as an entry point, so let us know who we missed in the comments!

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  • johnmaeda

    John Maeda, president of the Rhode Island School of Design, is full of words of wisdom for his followers, like this one here. <a href="!/johnmaeda" target="_hplink">Follow him</a> for design news and daily inspiration.

  • erik spiekermann

    Typography nerds! Rally 'round typographer/designer Erik Spiekermann <a href="!/espiekermann" target="_hplink">font-friendly feed</a>.

  • The Daily Heller

    Criticism, commentary and news on visual design, from <a href="!/thedailyheller" target="_hplink">Print Magazine's Stephen Heller</a>.

  • blprnt

    Over on the more obscure end of graphic design, we have data visualizer Jer Thorp, a Data Artist in Resident at the NYTimes and <a href="!/blprnt" target="_hplink">prolific tweeter</a>.

  • Grace Bonney

    Are you into DIY? Design Sponge's Grace Bonney is <a href="!/designsponge" target="_hplink">here for you</a>!

  • Design Milk

    More on the home design front but less on the DIY, we have <a href="!/designmilk" target="_hplink">Design Milk</a>, for all your interior design needs.

  • Alice Rawsthorn

    Design critic of the International Herald Tribune, Alice Rawsthorn offers <a href="!/alicerawsthorn" target="_hplink">thoughtful commentary</a> on design, like this here one on her soup spoon.

  • Cool Hunting

    Cool Hunting <a href="!/coolhunting" target="_hplink">explores</a> the "intersection of art, design, culture and technology"... all of which is present right in this tweet.

  • Zahra Ebrahim

    Zahra Ebrahim of Architext is trying to change the way we see design in our daily lives. See how the conversation develops <a href="!/zahraeb" target="_hplink">here</a>.

  • Jaime Gillin

    Dwell magazine deputy editor Jaime Gillin offers a <a href="!/jaimegillin" target="_hplink">good mix</a> of interior, exterior and graphic design news.


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