Two words: Cayenne Caramel.

That's a little bit spicy, a little bit sweet ice cream flavor at Liks Ice Cream on Capitol Hill. Or how about a scoop of Maroon Bells namesake flavor? A red velvet chocolate ice cream that melts in your mouth like a freshly-made cake.

Denver has some local ice cream spots that deliver serious flavor punches that are unique, made-by-the-batch and, most importantly, delicious. At almost any given Denver ice cream parlor, there are usually well over 30 flavors to choose from ranging from the traditional: good old vanilla bean, to the rich: a summery Kahlua and cream, to the adventurous: whiskey brickle.

Check out five of Denver's best ice cream parlors.


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  • Maroon Bells Ice Cream

    This gourmet chocolate, ice cream and coffee shop may be one of the best kept secrets in town. Maroon Bells makes their ice cream fresh and packs quite a flavorful punch. We recommend trying their namesake, "Maroon Bells" flavor, a dark chocolate-looking red velvet. Made with chocolate cake batter, chocolate powder and cheesecake, we say it's one of the best chocolate ice creams we've ever tasted--and that's coming from someone who had counted herself disillusioned with chocolate ice cream. <a href="" target="_hplink">Maroon Bells</a> locations: <em>7555 E. Arapahoe Rd. Centennial, CO 80112 (303) 462-4443 8600 Park Meadows Drive Lone Tree, CO 80124 (303) 708-0123</em> <em>*Maroon Bells is currently offering a $20 Big Dipper Scoop card that gets you 20 scoops and has a $60 value. Please call for details.</em>

  • Bonnie Brae Ice Cream

    <a href="" target="_hplink">Bonnie Brae</a> is the quiet street corner ice cream shop where elderly couples, lawyers, hipsters and 5-year-olds are all lured to to on a given summer's evening. But this frequently-favored spot isn't without its scoop lines in colder seasons either. The small-town feel and store-made ice cream has preserved this locals' nook as a Denver staple. There are well over 50 flavors to choose from including key lime sherbert, lemon custard, Kahlua and cream, English toffee, amaretto peach and more. Bonnie Brae Ice Cream <em>Location 799 S. University Blvd. Denver CO, 80209 (303) 777-0808

  • Little Man Ice Cream

    In the Highlands of Denver, the Little Man is king. On a weekday evening, the line to get to this cleverly-crafted silver milk jug wrapped around the block. Little Man uses hand-made local ingredients and has flavors like "Mexican Chocolate," "Salted Oreo" and "Orange Springsycle." They also have a <a href="" target="_hplink">"Scoop for Scoop"</a> program that commits to donating one scoop of rice to villages in developing countries for every scoop they sell. How cool is that? And how many scoops do imagine they were able to donate from this photo? <a href="" target="_hplink">Little Man Ice Cream</a> <em>Location 2620 16th St. Denver, CO 80211 (303) 455-3811</em>

  • Liks Ice Cream

    Around since 1976, Liks has created unique batches of flavors like "Jack Daniels Chocolate Chip," "Bears in the Woods" and even a delicious spicy ice cream called "Cayenne Caramel." Yep, we tried ice cream with cayenne pepper in it and can attest that it's caramel-flavored with just the right amount of a kick in the end. <a href="/ema href="" target="_hplink"Liks Ice Cream/a" target="_hplink">Liks Ice Cream</a> <em>Locations: Capitol Hill 2039 E. 13th Ave Denver, CO (303) 321-2370 South Denver 5270 E. Arapahoe Rd. Centennial, CO (720) 489-4411

  • Sweet Action Ice Cream

    Sweet Action Ice Cream looks like it belongs in some hip, beach-side California town with its summery garage-style front. Sweet Action also utilizes as many local ingredients as possible, though as an employee put it, "We don't mess with the M&M's." Try their vegan tiger swirl tiramisu-flavored ice cream, ginger ice cream or strawberry balsamic. <a href="" target="_hplink">Sweet Action Ice Cream</a> <em>Location 52 Broadway Denver, CO (303) 282-4645</em>