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Wedding Disaster: Drunken Guest Takes Off His Pants And Gets Arrested

Posted: Updated: 05/19/2012 4:12 pm

Wedding Drunken Mishap

You might want to reconsider that open bar at your wedding reception -- because you could end up with a belligerent, pants-less wedding guest on your hands.

That was the case for a pair of UK newlyweds, who ended up calling the local police when the brother of the bride, 20-year-old Jason Ellis Brealey, became disorderly at their April 29 wedding.

According to the Buxton Advertiser, police arrived at the reception to find an intoxicated Brealey on a table -- without his pants -- being restrained by another guest. The local paper reports that Brealey was "verbally abusive, shouting and swearing" and that he "wouldn't calm down," despite the fact that young children were present at the reception.

Police eventually arrested Brealey, who ended up lunging at one of the officers on the way to the police station.

Brealey later apologized to the court: “I would like to say I am really sorry," he said. “I had not been out for a while and got too drunk.” He was fined $316 (£200).

Unfortunately, Brealey isn't the only out-of-control wedding guest in the news. Just last month, an Ohio guest named Brooke Burke made headlines after she started a nasty brawl with the bride (no, not that Brooke Burke). Burke was charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

While every bride wants her Big Day to be perfect, unexpected mishaps do happen. Click through the slideshow below to see readers' top 15 wedding disaster stories, then share your own nuptial "fails" by adding a slide.

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  • Wedding Disaster

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