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Scott Walker Forces Outspend Dems By 2-To-1 In Crucial Week Of Wisconsin Recall

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) and his backers outspent Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D) and his allies by more than 2-to-1 in the first week of the general election campaign for the June 5 recall, according to

Barrett spent just $27,580 on broadcast TV spots in the week after the May 8 Democratic primary, in which he defeated former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk and two other candidates for the nomination. In contrast, the week before the primary, he had spent $288,620.

Walker spent $78,700 in the week after the primary. In the previous seven days, he had spent $316,620.

WisPolitics reports that Walker also received a significant amount of support from outside groups:

But while pro-Walker groups filled the gap with mostly negative ads hitting Barrett on his economic record, the mayor continued to see little help from outside groups in the week ending May 16. The Greater Wisconsin Political Fund ran $60,400 in the week after the primary, but that was the only Dem-leaning group helping Barrett.

The $1.6 million spent in the week before the primary was split almost evenly between Dem and GOP forces. But Wisconsin for Falk -- which spent $315,210 on broadcast TV in the week leading up to May 8 -- hasn't run any ads since its preferred candidate lost the primary. Labor groups backing that group now say they're refocusing their resources through Greater Wisconsin and We Are Wisconsin.

By comparison, the Ending Spending Fund Super PAC, the [Republican Governors Association's] Right Direction PAC and Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce were all on the air backing Walker.

Barrett and the Greater Wisconsin Political Fund combined to spend $87,980. Walker and the Republican groups spent $216,980.

The analysis for WisPolitics was conducted by the Campaign Media Analysis Group, which tracks ad buys by campaigns and other entities.

A recent poll by Marquette Law School found that Walker had a six-point lead over Barrett.

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