As millions across the country prepare their grills for this year's Memorial Day Weekend, we thought it would be a good opportunity to remind everyone of some simple barbecue safety tips. For example, always keep an eye on the grill. Another tip: don't throw gasoline or entire cans of lighter fluid onto the grill.

We know these rules might seem complicated at first, so to further illustrate them, we collected a few of the worst barbecue FAILS on YouTube. These 7 mishaps will teach you exactly what NOT to do during a Memorial Day barbecue (or a barbecue on any day ever). Check them out, and be careful out there.

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  • Flammable Liquid

    Don't pour too much flammable liquid onto your grill.

  • Apron On Fire

    Be careful where you stand.

  • Slightly Overdone

    Always keep an eye on the barbecue.

  • Gasoline

    Two lessons here: 1. Gasoline is not a replacement for lighter fluid, and 2. Never spray flammable liquids so close to a flame.

  • Deodorant Can

    Don't put a can of deodorant onto the grill. And if you do, don't get near the grill.

  • Gasoline Reminder

    Again, no gasoline. We can't stress this enough.

  • Lighting Explosion

    The lighting is the trickiest part. Be careful.

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