05/22/2012 10:17 am ET

James Cappleman, 'Pigeon Lady' Confrontation Ends With Battery Charge

A Chicago alderman was assaulted by a constituent while cleaning up a city street.

Ald. James Cappleman (46th), whose ward largely consists of the city's North Side Uptown neighborhood, was sweeping up breadcrumbs Friday near North Broadway and West Wilson, where they've long-contributed to a growing pigeon and rat problem. He says a woman suddenly shoved him hard enough to push him into the street, threw breadcrumbs at him, and sped away in her Toyota Prius, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The woman was identified as Young Kang, 59, of the 4900 block of West Winthrop Avenue, known to some area residents as "Pigeon Lady" because she frequently scatters breadcrumbs to feed the birds, according to CBS Chicago.

"You are the alderman; I voted for you," Young reportedly said to Cappleman before pushing him, according to the police report. "You should not be sweeping up breadcrumbs."

Police were notified and soon found Young throwing rice on the sidewalk directly under a sign advertising a $500 fine for feeding pigeons, according to the Chicago Tribune. Young acknowledged the altercation and told police Cappleman should have "better things to do."

Young was charged with misdemeanor battery and cited with two counts of dumping on the public way, according to the Tribune.