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Kristen Wiig Leaves 'SNL,' Women React On Twitter

Posted: Updated: 05/21/2012 2:59 pm

Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig has parted ways with "Saturday Night Live" after seven years of starring on the sketch comedy show.

On Saturday night she bid the cast and her fans adieu with a touching Mick Jagger-led graduation skit. She danced with each of the cast members -- to the Rolling Stones song "She's a Rainbow" -- and appeared to be holding back tears the entire time.

Apparently she wasn't the only one having a hard time parting ways. Evidently, her fans were pretty upset, too. (See BuzzFeed's photos of women crying because Kristen Wiig was crying.) While some women photographed their sadness, others simply took to Twitter to express their appreciation for all the laughter Wiig has brought them over the last seven years.

LOOK: Women React To Kristen Wiig's 'SNL' Departure On Twitter

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