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'Sister Wives': Christine Apologizes To Kody For Feeling Neglected (VIDEO)

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"I'll be more grateful," Christine told Kody during their one-on-one date on the latest installment of "Sister Wives" (Sun., 9 p.m. ET on TLC). She's been suffering some jealousy since Kody's marriage to his latest wife Robyn. Christine is his third of four wives, and was feeling that he wasn't spending enough time with her. In particular, he skipped both her birthday and their anniversary this past year.

But rather than Kody apologizing for her feeling left out and his role in that, it was Christine who apologized to him. "I’m making you feel like I don’t appreciate you," she went on during their date. "I’m sorry."

Kody didn't apologize back, but did tell her that it was all right, leading some on Twitter to think Christine was being taken advantage of by her husband due to her low self-esteem. But Kody eventually came around and took Christine out on a lavish birthday date that included paintballing and a helicopter ride. He also threw her a birthday party and surprised her with a trip to Mexico ... for just the two of them.

This post has been updated to include more information about the pair's trip to Mexico.

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