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The Yankee Comandante: How William Alexander Morgan Helped Win Cuba For Castro And Played A Dangerous Game With The FBI

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Major William Morgan of Toledo, Ohio, is shown with his Cuban wife, Olga, during Prime Minister Castro's television expose of plot by Trujillo against Cuba, in Havana, Cuba, Aug., 15, 1959. Castro credited Morgan with infiltrating and smashing Trujillo's plan. (File, AP Photo) | File/AP

For a moment, he was obscured by the Havana night. It was as if he were invisible, as he had been before coming to Cuba, in the midst of revolution. Then a burst of floodlights illuminated him: William Alexander Morgan, the great Yankee comandante. He was standing, with his back against a bullet-pocked wall, in an empty moat surrounding La Cabaña eighteenth-century stone fortress, on a cliff overlooking Havana Harbor, that had been converted into a prison. Flecks of blood were drying on the patch of ground where Morgan's friend had been shot, moments earlier. Morgan, who was thirty-two, blinked into the lights. He faced a firing squad.

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