Phil and I just celebrated our 32nd anniversary, and it's hard to believe so many years have flown by. It's especially surprising for me since I was very wary of marriage when I was younger.

Of course, every marriage has its ups and downs and ours is no different. It's never easy when there are two careers in the family, and living in the public eye can be tricky at times. But every marriage has its own unique set of challenges, and every couple has to find their own ways to keep the marriage strong and the romance alive.

I can't speak for anyone else, but I can tell you that for Phil and me, the most important thing is making time for each other -- and of course, keeping the laughter coming. Laughter is the cushion of life -- and certainly of a marriage.

The truth is, I'm a big believer in romance and I believe a great relationship is worth fighting for. So, in celebration of romance and commitment, here's a look at some celebrity couples who have defied the odds and stayed together.

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  • More Couples Who've Defied the Odds: Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

    Here are some other couples that are standing the test of time: With 16 years of marriage and a family of three little girls, Faith and Tim seem to have an everlasting love. The sparks first flew between these two country superstars when they first met on the "Spontaneous Combustion" tour, and the fire hasn't ceased since.

  • Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt

    Brad and Angelina first met on the set of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" in 2005, and as their romance took off, a tabloid sensation was born. Although the couple has been together for over six years and have six children together, in the past the two have stated that they plan to marry "when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able". But they surprised everybody by getting engaged last month and wedding bells will be ringing soon.

  • Barack & Michelle Obama

    These two have withstood the grueling tests of public scrutiny through Obama's campaign and presidency, and still they don't seem phased. Michelle and Barack first met as co-workers at their law firm when she was assigned to mentor him as a summer associate, and what started as a business relationship soon turned into more. They were married in 1992, making their union 20 years strong.

  • Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

    These two tied the knot 24 years ago in 1988, and haven't looked back since. They first met on the set of Tom's television show, "Bosom Buddies", and later their relationship blossomed on the set of their film "Volunteers".

  • Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick

    Kevin and Kyra first met on the set of a PBS version of the play "Lemon Sky" and were married in 1988. With a marriage 24 years strong, these two seem to have mastered the art of the celebrity marriage.

  • Felicity Huffman & William H. Macy

    Felicity may have been William's student when they first met at the Atlantic Theater Company in New York City, but these two soon sparked a relationship that has lasted. In, 1997, not long after they met, they tied the knot, making their romance nearly two decades strong.

  • Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell

    These two lovebirds--who've been in a relationship for 29 years--prove marriage isn't a must. Kurt and Goldie have been together since they met on the set of "Swing Shift" in 1983, and raised their four children together as a family.

  • Steven Spielberg & Kate Capshaw

    Steven and Kate first met when Steven cast her to play Wilhelmina "Willie" Scott in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" in 1984. Their relationship quickly went from professional to personal, and in 1991 the two tied the knot.

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas

    Introduced by Danny DeVito, Catherine and Michael first met at the Deauville Film Festival in France in 1998, and less than a year later they began dating. Catherine often jokes that when they met, Michael said: "I'd like to father your child". In 2000 the couple tied the knot and later that year Catherine gave birth to their son, followed by a daughter in 2003.

  • Barbara Streisand & James Brolin

    Barbara and James first met through a mutual friend at a party in 1996, where he reportedly told Barbara, "I'm taking you home with me". Whether she left with him that night or not, James did something right, because two years after that party the couple tied the knot.

  • Sir Elton John & David Furnish

    Sir Elton and David first met in 1993, and early on they knew they were meant to be together. In 2005, Elton proposed to David at a dinner party with friends and family, and they entered into a civil partnership later that year--the first day it became legal in England.

  • Jay-Z & Beyoncé

    A long-time couple, albeit secret, Beyonce and Jay-Z announced their marriage in 2008 after almost a decade of dating. And four years after making it official, the two gave birth to their first child this year.

  • David Bowie & Iman

    For these two, who were set up on a blind date by their hairdresser, it was love at first sight. Brought together by a mutual connection in 1990, it didn't take long after their first meeting for David and Iman to exchanged vows in 1992.

  • Victoria & David Beckham

    Victoria first met David at a charity soccer match in 1997. Although Posh Spice admitted she didn't really know who David was when she first met him, less than a year later the two were engaged and married by the summer of 1999. Today, the couple is Brit-pop royalty, they have four children together and fifteen years of marriage to celebrate.

  • Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick

    For these two it was a third party that brought them together--one of Sarah's brothers--at the 'Naked Angeles' theater company in New York where both Sarah and Matthew performed at the time. The two exchanged vows in 1997 and soon after started a family together. Here pictured with their son James Wilkie, the couple also have twin daughters.

  • Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale

    Traveling in the same circles, Gwen and Gavin first met in 1995 when their bands, No Doubt and Bush (respectively) were on tour together. Seven years after the flames first began, Gwen and Gavin were married in 2002.

  • Antonio Banderas & Melanie Griffith

    These two first met while shooting "Two Much" in May of 1995. Soon after first meeting, the started a relationship and were married a year later. Together they have a daughter, Stella, who has appeared with Antonio and Melanie in their film "Crazy in Alabama," which Melanie starred in and Antonio directed.

  • Phil and Me

    And last, but not least, here are Phil and I snuggling on our boat the "Mugsy." Phil has such a cute look on his face -- I love this picture.