05/22/2012 08:16 am ET

Livan Hernandez Mocks Rays Ballboy: Braves Pitcher Throws Sunflower Seeds After Error (VIDEO)

For many young baseball fans, being a ballboy -- having the opportunity to suit up with the club, rub elbows with the pros, the chance to make a highlight catch -- is a dream come true. At least, until the players starting making fun of you for not making a play.

After a Tampa Rays ballboy missed a routine grounder near the visitor's bullpen up the third-base line, Braves pitcher Livan Hernandez just couldn't help but give the kid a hard time. The error unleashed a hail of sunflower seeds and some ribbing from the reliever.


That Hernandez appears to offer the young man a high five suggests that perhaps the hurling of the sunflower seeds was all in good fun. Of course, the ballboy's refusal of the high five leaves open the possibility that he didn't feel the same way.