With the release of his highly anticipated MTV Unplugged album slated for May 29th, international superstar Juanes has been appearing on a bevy of English-language talk shows.

According to the Colombian singer's Twitter page, he stopped by "Good Day L.A.," and "Extra," this week, and tonight he'll be the musical guest on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno."

Tomorrow I will be at "The Tonight Show with " honored to be invited back.

We recently caught up with the laid-back singer—whose first language is Spanish—and asked him if he ever gets nervous about appearing on English-language talk shows. "Yeah a little bit, when I need to think twice {about} what I'm going to say, I get a little bit nervous," Juanes told us in Miami last week.

But the singer says he's brushing up on his Ingles for that very reason. "I'm studying my English language, so now I feel more comfortable."

"I'm not afraid anymore," he added with his infectious smile.

Watch our interview with Juanes in the video above to see what the talented singer had to say about doing an English-language album, which singers he'd love to collaborate with, and his plans for Memorial Day Weekend.



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