05/23/2012 04:24 pm ET

Same Age Celebrities: Snooki And Adele Are Both 24

Snooki and Adele are the same age? Although it's true, the pair's maturity disparity has us shaking our heads. Adele seems to have the emotional depth of someone who's well into her second life, while Snooki ... does not.

But, nonetheless, the soulful singer and the Shore sinker are both 24 years old.

From action-flick veteran Mark Wahlberg and "Revenge" hacker Gabriel Mann (they're both 40) to aftershave's arch-nemesis Macaulay Culkin and legs-for-days model Gisele Bundchen (31), these celebrity duos have us saying "No way!" when it comes to their shared age.

Check out these same-age celebs and let us know which ones you think are most shocking.

Same Age Celebs