This is Miami so of course the default toothpaste flavor at the dentist is Pina Colada and of course you have to navigate around roosters at Costco and while out clubbing.

We do things a bit differently in the 305. We blast reggaeton at preschools and our abuelitas boogie down to Uncle Luke.

All that Miami haterade that often flows down from the north? Yeah, they're just jealous things are so interesting down here.

Enjoy your boring, efficiently run, non-corrupt cities, America. We just pimped out our Ford Bronco with a life-sized mounted shark.

Once again, we've compiled the funniest and quirkest Tweets tagged with #onlyinMiami.

Oh, Miami! You're just so awesomely ridiculous:

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  • Shark Truck

    Does anyone wanna call this person up and see exactly which part is for rent?‪#onlyinmiami‬

  • Paint job