Taylor Swift, Lea Michele and 14 More Style Stunners This Week (PHOTOS)

05/25/2012 11:48 am ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Celebrity fashion is often the result of a talented stylist behind the scenes who chooses red carpet looks for her clients. The results are usually gorgeous, but are they a testament to the star's own style? Maybe.

So we are always happy to hear about stars who choose their own outfits for events (Yay, Blake Lively!), and also to get a glimpse at what the glitterati wears around town when they are running errands like the rest of us.

Whether styled to the nines or just "thrown together," we salute whomever is behind the following lovely ensembles. After all, isn't it nice to have something pretty to look at? Here, our 16 favorite style stars this week, and, for a laugh, check out the worst-dressed celebrities of the week.

Best-Dressed Celebs Of The Week

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