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The Huffington Post  |  By Posted:  |  Updated: 05/29/12 01:27 PM ET

10 People From High School To Avoid This Summer: Slideshow

It's officially summer.

Once everyone arrives home, they're bound to run into people from high school they haven't seen in a couple years.

We've come up with a guide of the 10 types of people from high school you'll see this summer. Maybe you know some people that fit these descriptions. One of them might even be you!

Check out the 10 types in the slideshow below, and let us know what you think in the comments. Which definitely ring true?

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  • The One Who Never Left

    College? Who needs it?! Not this guy! He realized he was way better off activating cell phones, getting his own apartment and taking out a car loan instead of a student loan. The only problem is that since everyone else left for college, he had to resort to hanging out with high school seniors. It turns out being the only 19-year-old in the group isn't so impressive.

  • The One Who Already Has A Family

    You're still getting as much cash out of your parents as you can. You spend your extra money at college on fast food, booze, Blu-rays, and you take trips to Texas for SXSW during Spring Break. That's fine, you're living in the glory of your youth. Meanwhile, there's that couple who started dating senior year of high school who are already married and living together in a duplex. You run into them while out to dinner or in the grocery store and notice they have a little one with them or perhaps a bun in the oven. You can't help but notice they've jumped into the responsibilities of family life while you're still unsure about taking that 8:00 a.m. class.

  • The One Who Went To A Way Better School

    She got into Harvard, you went to a state school. Maybe it wasn't even an Ivy League, just a school like Georgetown where students like to pretend it's an Ivy. It might have just been Northwestern, but the point is that her school is better than your state university. OK, we get it. She went to the same school as [insert famous celebrity, politician, or author here]. We understand her frustration going from the smartest kid in high school to just an average student on campus. She may need to express that by putting down your college, but rolling with it won't kill you.

  • The One Who Put On A Freshman 15

    Scratch that, there's no way it's just a freshman 15. This is what happens when he goes from working out daily with the high school football team to spending all his time outside of class playing Xbox and hitting up keggers on the weekend. Suggest that he try a beer a little lighter and slightly less massive.

  • The Late Bloomer

    You were never really mean to her, but you just didn't pay attention to her. You saw her in biology class, but you never saw her like <em>that</em>! Suddenly she's beautiful, worked-out and wearing fantastic clothing. So now you make a move, right? Probably not. You're competing with way more interesting people at her school, not to mention the people who actually did talk to her back in high school.

  • The One Who Didn't Change At All

    This could be a good thing, but it's often not. These people hang with the same crowd as they did in the 8th grade and have the matching friendship bracelets to boot.

  • The One You Never Met Who Is Now Famous

    Apparently you went to high school with him, but you cannot--for your life--remember ever seeing his name. You weren't mean or someone who ignored people, but seriously, this guy was in your high school class? And now he's famous. Maybe he's on TV, was cast in a movie, or his band took off and is opening for Gotye. <em>How did you miss him??!?</em>

  • The One Who Went To Live In Washington State And Became A Full-Blown Hippy

    Nothing against the great state of Washington, we're sure it's cool though we've never been. (And it could be one of several other states) But she's the one who disappeared into a western wilderness and got dreads. She swapped her American Eagle high school outfits for long, flowing dresses, hemp necklaces and turquoise rings. She isn't working, but somehow makes enough money slinging grilled cheese sandwiches in the parking lot of Blues Traveler concerts.

  • The 'Enlightened' One

    There was an episode of <em>South Park</em> where a group of 19-year-olds approached the boys and said they just got back from our first semester at college, and their professors opened their eyes. It's a far-too-common attitude. They've gone to a college, taken a few classes, memorized some interesting words from Psychology 110 and now are just so beyond all these plebeian things of which you speak.

  • The Suddenly-Hipster One

    When he was in high school, he wasn't very picky about anything. Now that he's got a year at school under his belt, met people dressed more interestingly, and noticed they listen to all of these indie bands he's never heard of, he wants to like bands no one has ever heard of too. He's the one who would say The Temper Trap sold out when they got on the <em>(500) Days of Summer</em> soundtrack, though it's actually when he first learned about the band. Just nod and smile.