"How can the most plastic city in America turn its back on plastic bags?" That's the question comedian Jimmy Kimmel asked on his show Thursday night after the LA city council voted to ban plastic grocery bags.

After taking a few more shots at some of Los Angeles' most famous plastic surgery-enhanced celebrities, Kimmel advertised a fake product line to help shoppers and offered some advice to those looking to avoid a new 10-cent paper bag fee: "If you don't want to pay that you'll just have to sit in the front of the store and eat all your groceries before you leave."

Check out the video above for more of Jimmy Kimmel's hilarious reaction to the plastic bag ban.

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10. Boston, Massachusetts
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Representing the entire East Coast in impressive renewable energy stats, Boston boosted its solar power with the Solar Boston program and counts wind among its top three sources of electricity, with a turbine on city hall and more slated for several public schools. Other big plans include turning fall leaves and other yard clippings into power and fertilizer with a new biogas facility, and using recycled trash to power homes. For those residents who don't rely exclusively on the nation's most utilized public transportation systems, taxis will soon be another green option as they're all required to go hybrid by 2015. New bike lanes and 250 bike racks have increased Boston's pedal power, and the city saves a whopping $400,000 a year thanks to LED traffic lights.