It's Memorial Day weekend and weather across the country is starting to heat up. Before long, beach season will officially be here. And if there's one thing every beachgoer absolutely must remember to bring, it's sunblock.

Why? Well, just check out 29 reasons below. These poor folks got a painful dose of UV rays from Sun, and they have an unfortunately-shaped tan to prove it. So check out these epic sunblock FAILS and be sure to rememberer to apply plenty of sunscreen if you're off to the beach this weekend. Vote for your favorites and upload your own pictures below.

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  • X-Factor

    Nice pattern though.

  • Impenetrable To Everything But UV Rays

    It's worth the pain because this kid is gonna have the sweetest default pic on Facebook.

  • Bikini Tan

    Doesn't look too bad on him though.

  • Handprint


  • Smiley Face

    That is actually pretty impressive. He should consider it for his next tattoo.

  • Back Burn

    This is why it's always important to have someone else apply sunblock to your back.

  • Thigh High Stockings

    Guy must've been wearing the same pair of skin-tight short shorts for a month to get a tan line like that.

  • Speedo FAIL

    Not sure what's worse: what he's wearing now, or the booty shorts he normally wears to the beach. Either way, it's clear what each looks like.

  • Alternate Bathing Suit

    We're glad he's gone the more traditional route today.

  • Rubin Vase

    This tan may be nature telling him to stop wearing whatever kind of shirt that is.

  • Belly Smile

    He seems a little too happy about this.

  • Champ Stamp?

    Pain and embarrassment should speak for themselves here.

  • How?

    Is that the shape of a shirt or just poor sunblock application?

  • Patterned Sunburn

    Actually looks kind of cool in a really painful way.

  • Bunny Ears

    That'll be interesting when she starts peeling.

  • Sore Feet

    Can't forget about your feet.

  • Hard To Reach Spot

    It is a really tough part of the back to get to. Never be afraid to ask for some sunblock help.

  • Tan Stripes

    Worn with honor.

  • Sleepy

    Clearly she passed out on the beach. Now she's passed out on the floor. After she buys some aloe, she should see a doctor about narcolepsy.

  • He Sucks

    This is why you don't shotgun 10 beers on the beach with your frat brothers.

  • Artistic Burn

    Further evidence that there are some spots on your back you just can't reach.

  • Nice Hat

    Oh, nevermind.

  • Neck Burn

    Can't forget the neck.

  • Nice Handwriting

    Surprisingly legible.

  • Which Way?

    Just draw two dots and that dangly red thing on the thumb, and he's got a hand turkey.

  • Hand On Your Shoulder

    Just don't leave it there that long.

  • Think There's Something On Your Back

    He must have nice friends.

  • Pretty Big Burn

    Size matters in this case.

  • Peace

    What a peace-loving way to burn half of the skin off your back.

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