05/28/2012 09:27 am ET Updated Jul 28, 2012

TM Sisters Upload 'Shimmer' Performance Video Elements (VIDEO)

You're probably kicking yourself for missing the Arsht Center's 305-centric Miami Made Festival -- especially because our favorite local performance art siblings, the TM Sisters, debuted a new work called Shimmer.

We bring you good news. While Monica Lopez De Victoria and Tasha Lopez De Victoria aren't re-performing Shimmer in a bizarre Memorial Day tribute, they have put the video elements of the piece online. And though the performance may not be complete without all the components -- the ladies used lighting, projection, live music, and artist local friends like Millionyoung and Otto Von Schirach to explore the "sliver of time when dawn and dusk are indiscernible" -- the video elements are certainly worth watching.

A dusty, vibrant explosion, Shimmer is a spectacle of all things color and electric. Kind of like Miami, really. When the TM Sisters spoke to Cultist before Shimmer's February debut, they admitted just how much the Magic City influenced their work:

It was gradual admittance that our work had a direct connection to Miami's essence. We started traveling and touring in Europe a few years back and this is when people pointed out our aesthetic connections to Miami's history. That's when we realized how much we loved it. We are proud of our hometown and it has affected us tremendously. We adore the sunset/sunrise colors that smear our sky, the rich saturated nightlife, the calm ocean air, the clashing and blending of cultures, and especially the cheesy bling and neon lights of the streets.

Watch the video elements of Shimmer above, and check out more of the dynamic duo at